Additional Review of Sheetster Online Spreadsheet

Sheetster Online SpreadsheetRecently, I conducted a review of several online spreadsheets here at TechJotter.  One of the online spreadsheets that I reviewed was Sheetster.   I had stated that Sheetster did not have as many features as some of the other “mainstream” online spreadsheets like Google Docs, Zoho, and ThinkFree.

I have since then traded a few emails with Sheetster staff and have gained a bit more information about the program.  I still believe it is a niche product, but it does offer some nice features over the mainstream products.

Some of the main advantages of Sheetster include:

  • It is an open source alternative to SharePoint and Google docs.
  • It can be run offline or online
  • It can be hosted on your own servers, instead of large remote data centers
  • You have more control of your data and the security of your data
  • It is highly customizable through the use of java (and other programming languages)

Extentech, the developers of Sheetster, have provided good information on their website.  A comparison of Sheetster to Google Docs and Microsoft can also be found here.

After doing additional research on the product, Sheetster fills a need that none of the other online programs meet – a highly customizable product that offers greater control over your data and security.  Extentech also seems to have a good community built around the product and the staff was very helpful and provided me with a lot of good information over email.

I still feel that Sheetster is a niche product.  It is not as easy to use or as recognizable as Google Docs, Microsoft Web Apps, or Zoho and requires additional knowledge to be able to unlock all of its features.  It also does not offer as many built-in advanced spreadsheet features (like PivotTables or Macros).

If anyone is looking for a customizable spreadsheet application where security and/or control of your data are important, I would recommend doing some research into Sheetster.

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